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.30 Carbine Dummy Rounds 10 count. 1943


10 count of Standardised (M1) dummy rounds with tinned case and blind primer pocket. These are completely inert and free of propellent and of course no primer. Head stamp WRA 43 (Winchester Repeating Arms)


Side note:

 M1 Carbine (early version)

Development of the M1 started in September 1940 in the search for a light weight shoulder weapon with an effective range of up to 300 yards with a .30cal. bullet based on the SLR (Self Loading Rifle) principle. The development of the cartridge was given to Winchester, but all commercial manufacturers in the US developed weapons for it. Original cases were made from turned down 32 SLR cases. The original name for this development was: Cartridge, Cal. 30 SR, M1 (Short Rifle).


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